Bringing families and carers together

Out of sight, Never out of mind

Bringing families and carers together

Out of sight, Never out of mind

Bringing families and carers together

Out of sight, Never out of mind

Who Uses Trunk2Tale?

Care Givers

Loved ones needing care

Friends & Family

Care Givers

Loved ones needing care

Friends & Family

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‘Have you seen this photo of my granddaughter’s dog?
That’s how she and her hubby met! She was walking her dog, the little rascal ran off and it wouldn’t come back. This lad was running through the park and somehow he grabbed the dog. And now they are married. Isn’t it just wonderful?’

My Story

Our little Wonder !

1. Were you a soft or strict parent?

You should ask my children 😂😂 I don’t think I was strict but they might have a different opinion!!!

2. What advice would you give to a new parent?

You have to make it up as you go along, at least that’s what my husband and I did. All the books in the world won’t prepare you for being a parent. Good luck 😀😀

3. What was your proudest moment as a parent?

To be honest, there were so many. I am proud of all my children.

4. What is one thing your children have taught you?

I was amazed by my daughter’s kindness. I liked to think I was kind but when my daughter was a child I was sometimes humbled by her kindness to others. That makes me proud as well.


05 July 2022


How much does it cost?


Suitable for Personal use
£ 4
Per Person/Month
Invite up to 10 other people to join your group.


Suitable for Organisation
£ 4
Per Person/Month
£ 40
Per Person/Year
Invite 10 other people per resident (not counting carers)
can be invited to join the residents group
No limit on the number of carers who can view a residents dashboard.
Save 16.6%

Our Story

When Mum entered a Nursing Home she was instantly popular with her carers and neighbours. She had the warmest, most joyous smile and she was always singing. But in truth she was singing the blues away and her family didn’t feel great either.
When we visited she was happy. We might recall stories from her past or show her photos of her family and without fail they brought a smile to her face. But though Teresa was well liked no one knew her stories like we did. No one knew that she was 1 of 9 children and for many years had slept 3 to 1 bed. Or that she loved a scone with her cup of tea. Or that after her marriage she had left her home country and lived in England for over 30 years. They DID know that her favourite hymn was ‘How Great Thou Art’!
It was those visits to see Mum that inspired the creation of Trunk2Tale. Mum had Alzheimer’s but if we could tell her story when she couldn’t, her carers would not only see her smile, they would hear her voice and know what we knew. Trunk2Tale was born. It was too late for Mum but we hope you and yours can enjoy it in the way she would want.

Frequently asked questions

Once registered you will be able write your life story, add photos to your Gallery and chat with other family members.
If you or your loved one is in a care home your/their carers will be able to see everything that you can see improving the quality of interaction.

Carers can edit material for example,  uploading photos from life in the care home. This feature is particularly beneficial where a resident is unable to edit material by themselves.

  • If you are an individual paying for the web app you will be able to invite up to 10 additional members of your family or friends to join the group.
  • If you are a care home paying to use the webapp you will be able to invite 11 people per licence (ie. A resident plus a further 10 people to join that residents group). In addition there is no limit on the number of carers who can use the service.
  • As a care home you will have an additional admin page with a register of those residents for whom you have bought licences.


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